About The Merp Squad

The Merp Squad

Annabelle Merp


18. Architecture student at Carnegie Mellon. Dancer. Photographer. Artist. Visionary. Dreamer. Book blogger. Rumored angel. Hopeless romantic.

When I'm wearing shoes at all, I'm usually wearing heels. I'm also partial to eyeliner and I love red roses and rain. I like to pretend I'm really sophisticated and worldly but in actuality I'm clumsy and awkward. I would love to write books someday but right now I only have the patience to draw. But if I didn't want to be an architect I'd want to be a magazine editor!

I secretly follow F1 racing and I love J-Pop. I enjoy cooking, sewing, and baking, and I also like ironing for some unknown reason. I have a lot of OCD tendencies and I have several odd pet peeves. I'm also a girly-girl (YAY pink and glitter), but horror is one of my favorite genres. I love languages and one day I hope to speak several.

Boys with accents are my favorite. Especially boys with accents from the UK area. I also have the embarrassing habit of occasionally daydreaming about marrying princes or other wonderful, fictional boys who don't understand that they are supposed to be real and fall in love with me.

My favorite books tend to be all over the place and change often, but some current favorites include Stormdancer, Throne of Glass, and Seraphina. I also love Imaginary Girls and Lucid, and no book has ever made me cry like The Fault in our Stars. One of my favorite authors is Tamora Pierce because she wrote the first YA books I've ever read. Also, she is awesome.

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Ashley Merp


I am the huge nerd behind the squad. I like to code things and make websites until I can't see straight. I don't wear glasses in real life, but I think they make my bird persona look extra.. distinguished.

I started my blog Nose Graze in April 2012. I read a little bit of everything, including sci-fi, contemporary, dystopian, and fantasy. My favourite books include: Parallel by Lauren Miller, Pivot Point by Kasie West, Angelfall by Susan Ee, and the Throne of Glass series.

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Eileen Merp


I'm Eileen, and I'm a teen, singer, book blogger, and aspiring Broadway performer. (I think I'm pretty good at singing but that's subjective) I love alternative and musical theatre styles of music. I also run a book blog, Singing and Reading in the Rain. I love reading, obviously, and some of my favorite genres in the young adult category are contemporary, fantasy, and dystopian. When I'm not reading, blogging, or jamming out to music, I'm on Tumblr.

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Inky Merp


Um hi. I'm Inky. Resident Tolkien geek and wannabe author. Known to consume massive amounts of greasy tacos. Occasionally ponders on the importance of how many eyes she'd have if she was an alien. Singer of Les Miserables in the shower. Writer of discombobulated witches. Would marry Flynn Rider at a moments notice, if given the chance. Aspiring Disneyland princess. Hopeful high-heel wearer at 5'8 1/2. Warning: book emotions run high. Your *insert adjective of your choice here* tour host in this crazy Merpy adventure. Need to know anything else? Stalk my Twitter.

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Jessi Merp


Cat lover. Rocker. Dreamer. Tomboy, speed racer, Mountain Dew addict. A little impulsive and a lot sarcastic. Subject to random outbursts of crazy. In my free time I can be found reading (obviously) or playing video games like Black Ops and Skyrim. Aspiring to be a blog designer!

I've been blogging over at Novel Heartbeat (formerly known as Auntie Spinelli Reads) since October of 2011. Favorite YA books include Blood & Chocolate, Stormdancer, The Iron Fey series, Before I Fall, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone. All time favorite series is the Fever series by KMM. I love pretty much anything dystopian and am a fan of high fantasy & sci-fi. If I could have one superpower, it would be the ability to fly!

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Nikki Merp


Soooooo. Hi. I'm always bad at these things, but I guess I sort of have to write one since I'm a Merp Squadder.
So I'm the blogger over at Fiction Freak and I started my blog when I was 11 years old out of boredom and thought I'd quit at 50 followers or reviews. Whichever came first. Obviously, that didn't work.
I'm crazy, I'm talkative, and I will tweet spam you with exclamation points until you get dizzy. I also nag authors a lot with "WHY DID YOU DO THIS" tweets and I think I freak people out, but no one will admit to it. Like my little blue bird (strangely accurate since I am an absolute twitter fiend.) I can not keep my beak shut. I am...enthusiastic, you could say. Also, I am, according to authors and bloggers, an uber fast reader.
The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa is my absolute favorite and got me to start reading and loving YA. And you should all read it before I smite you.
I was also the one who sort of dragged my friends into the blog touring business because there was no way I was doing this on my own. YAY for them not hating me forever and enjoying it all!
I'm also a Paper Lantern Lit Preferred Blogger and a co-host of The Bloggy Awards.
Oh, I'm also the awkward little potato in the Merp Squad

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